When to Hire a Copywriter


You've got everything under control....right?

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I don't need a copywriter.  

Well if you're so sure about that I don't think you'd be on this page, but let's talk about it. 

Do you sell things on your website? Use your site to advertise services? Send out an email newsletter? Otherwise generate revenue using the internet? 

If so, you need a copywriter. 

The words on your website have a monumental impact on how people view your company and more importantly, how your site converts complete strangers into leads and customers. 

What I have are design problems.

That's possible. I love designers, but even the best designers can fall prey to the latest & greatest trends (hey, we are all guilty of this). 

I firmly believe that for a website to work its absolute best, designers and writers should be working together from the start. So if you have design problems, you probably have copy problems, too. 


I just want an email newsletter/landing page/homepage copy.

Cool, I can help with that. 

But I'll tell you right now that you don't "just" want any of those things. You might want what they can offer you (leads, customers, branding, etc.) but a good copywriter (e.g., me) can help you uncover why you need -- or think you need -- a specific piece of content. You might be right, or we might be able to find something even better. 

I could Do what You Do. 

Ok, um, I'm not sure why you're being so hostile since you're on my website, but sure.

Yes, I really believe that anyone can learn to be a copywriter. In fact, I'm launching a whole newsletter dedicated to that idea. Want to be notified? Sign up here

Honestly, I'm just here for the open bar.

Wait who said anything about an open bar? 

(Hire me & then we'll talk about who's buying).