Convince Your Customers to Click


(It’s not magic).

I use tested research and discovery methods to get inside your customers’ heads (not in a creepy way). Then I take what I learn to write copy that speaks in their voice, directly to them.

People come to your website and know immediately what you do.

They want it.

They need it.

They click.

Your website gets more leads, your sales process goes more smoothly, and your business grows like a palm tree in Beverly Hills.

Sound good or what?


My Clients Like Me, for Real


Working with our agency, Gillian created an email campaign for one of our clients that saw the best results in leads and customer conversions we had ever seen for them.

- ManoByte, a Platinum HubSpot Partner


Gillian is one of the smartest people I have worked with and really digs deep into the client she is working for to understand their goals, challenges and needs in order to grow their business.

-Lauren D., Director of Inbound Marketing